Friday, November 5, 2010

Five Question Friday

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1.  If you have any talent and turn it into an occupation, what would it be? I would love to have an eye for decorating.  I love to walk into pretty places and always wish I could recreate them on a budget.  I think it would be so much fun to help people decorate their homes in ways that really brings out their personality.  But, I also think that making your home perfect for you shouldn't cost an arm and a leg.

2.  Would you rather have a house at the beach or a cabin in the woods?  I can't believe I have to choose.  It all depends on the time of year.  Spring and summer I wouldn't trade anything for a house on the beach.  Being able to wake up and hear the sounds of the ocean, on my could anything be better.  During fall and winter a cabin in the woods would be amazing!  Seeing the leaves change colors and fall off, snow on the ground, how beautiful.  To me, that sounds like a good Ozark Mountain Christmas.  I can't choose.  I won't, you can't make me.

3. Is there any meaning/reasoning for the names you chose for your child/children?
  We don't have children yet, but do have some potential names.  The girl name is one we just like, which is a miracle that there is a name we both agree on.  Actually, I picked the name out and he had one request about it, which I could totally live with.  The boy name is made up of names from both sides of the family.  Again, I picked the name and hubby didn't object to it.  Yay!  Who knows this could all change when we actually are having a baby.

4. What is your guilty pleasure?


 I love these things.  Actually during the holidays, I am totally addicted.  It's a good thing that this peppermint bark is a limited edition or I could be in some serious trouble.  There like Pringles, you can't eat just one.  I try to keep a limited supply so I don't go too far overboard.  Yummy!

5. Do you live in a house that is deep cleaned or straightened?
 I definitely live in the world of straightening for 99% of the year.  I do get impulses to really clean a couple times a year, but most of the time is just too busy or tired for deep cleaning to get done regularly.  It would be nice.  When I grow up and get rich (ha ha), I would hire someone to deep clean my house on a regular basis.  But, for the mean time, I am happy with my clean and straighten method.

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  1. Oh how I would love to have a deep cleaned house! We had to really deep clean when we put our house on the market and since it didn't sell - it still is somewhat "deep cleaned" from that time. But, I would love for someone else to do it for me! One day, right?!