Monday, July 23, 2012

So Much to Say...

It has been forever since I posted, almost 3 months.  I got busy wrapping up school and then there wasn't a whole lot going on.  About the middle of June things started happening and I got so overwhelmed with it all that I couldn't decide what to write.  At the end of June, we left on our 2 week Great American Road Trip.  It was amazing!!!  I'll try to post more about it later.

Now, I feel the need to start blogging again so that I can document our life.

The last post was about Mike's graduation so I'll pick up with that story.  We filled out a TON of applications for him.  Teaching applications sure have changed a lot in the last several years.  They are no longer little 1 page deals that take just a few minutes to fill out.  They are all electronic (which is nice) and they take FOREVER to fill out.  They want to know everything you have ever done and every thought about teaching you have ever had.  Anyway, we filled them out.  He had a couple interviews at the end of May, but we feel those were just interviews to fill their quota.  Those schools seemed to already have someone in mind.

Fast forward to the middle of June and we are starting to feel a little discouraged.  Well, I was feeling a little discouraged.  I am NOT known for patience.  He went ahead and signed his contract for his current school knowing that if something else came along he could always get out of it.  It was an at-will contract meaning that he can leave the school at any time for whatever reason with no penalty.  He got a call to interview for a middle school science position at a school district really close to where I teach.  He felt the interview went REALLY well.  We felt good about it and were excited about the possibility to be back to together!  A week went by without hearing anything.  Then, he got a call to interview at the new middle school in the district where I work!  We were beyond excited!!

He interviewed for that job.  The day before we left on the Great American Road Trip he got a call to go interview with the assistant superintendent for personnel.  He had that interview on the day we left and found out he got the job!!  He will be teaching 7th grade math and science.  Elation cannot even describe how we felt!!

Looking back over this last year, I really see and KNOW that God's hand was in this.  Last fall Mike had to do a practicum where he spent time inside classrooms in the grades he would be licensed for.  Mike did part of this at my school in 4th grade and part of it at the jr. high next door in 8th grade.  He visited several 8th grade classrooms there until he went into a science classroom.  He really hit it off with that teacher and continued going into that class everyday until he got his teaching job in November.  Mike stayed in contact with this teacher and would visit his classroom every chance he got.  This teacher later became an assistant principal at this new middle school, which helped Mike get an interview.  Our district is so large and desirable to work in that having someone know you and recognize your name among all the applicants really helps.  I truly believe that God connected these two and has had a plan for Mike all along that finally came to fruition.

I am so thankful for this blessing that has been brought into our life!