Wednesday, August 31, 2011

That Was Embarrassing

Little, potentially embarrassing things seem to happen to me quite often like tripping over my own feet, slipping on wet floors, and the like.  Thankfully, this seems to happen most of the time when either no one is around or I am surrounded by complete strangers.  Hopefully, these strangers just have a quick laugh to themselves and move on with their own busy lives.

Yesterday an embarrassing thing happened.  But, it happened when I was in a room of 4th and 5th grade boys.  They were sitting at this table in my classroom.


I had given them something to work on.  I was going to sit in the chair with the wheels to be able to help them.  I tried to sit down and apparently sat too close to the edge of the chair.  Instead of letting me sit down, the chair rolled right out from under me at warp speed and stopped only when it hit the wall.  I fell smack dab on my rear end.  To make matters worse, I was wearing a skirt.  I did manage to land fairly lady-like and therefore avoided showing anything inappropriate for young boys to see.  One of them was even sweet enough to ask if I was ok.  I was so embarrassed and slightly sore from hitting a concrete floor.

Slightly embarrassing moment #2 of the week happened today.  I was dressed and walked down to the car.  As I was getting things in the car, my pants reached their breaking point.  They were a little thread-bare and decided they were done.  The thread-bare spot turned into a huge hole.  So I had to run back upstairs and change.  The only person I caught a peek of was a random guy that lives in our building.  Hopefully, he didn't notice.  At least this happened before I got to work.

Maybe I can avoid any further embarrassing incidents this week!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Doing My Best

You know sometimes you try and you try, but your best just doesn't seem good enough.  I've kinda felt like that these past couple of days.  Work has been a little tough, but I just keep telling myself it's because it's the beginning of the year.  Once everything settles down, it will get better and we all will get in a little bit of a routine.  I won't go into all the details, but I will keep telling myself to just keep doing the best that I can.  I will in no way be able to keep everyone around me 100% happy, but I will keep trying.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been going to exercise in the afternoons after school.  Today I didn't do that.  I was feeling tired and run down so I came home and took a nap instead.  I haven't given up on exercising and hope to go tomorrow.  I'm just going to keep doing the best that I can.

I have been trying to make a better effort with meal planning.  I hate having to figure out what we are gong to do for any particular meal on the spot so I have been making an effort to plan ahead.  This saves me from getting stressed out and making grocery store runs at the last minute (or worse, going through the drive-through).  I am cooking at home more which gives us leftovers for lunch.  Granted, I'm not doing fancy meals, but rather stuff that is quick and easy.  I'm doing my best and it seems to be getting the job done for now.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Things I Love Right Now

This past week I have found three things I love. I find things I really like all the time, but I just wanted to get a few of them down so that when I look back over this blog in the future I can reminisce about what I enjoyed in August of 2011.

1. Aqua-aerobics

Source: Google Images

I have really been trying to make an effort to get in more exercise. I know that I need to get into better shape so when the time comes for us to start a family I won't have that going against me. I have tried all kinds of exercise, but this is one I truly enjoy. We bought bikes last spring and while I do love riding my bike with my hubby, the weather isn't always cooperative. Now I can do a combination of both, but always have something I can do no matter what the weather is.

2. The Help

Source: Google Images

We went and saw this movie last weekend and can I just say I loved it. There is a group from my school going this weekend and I am debating about seeing it again in the theater. I know we will buy the Blu-Ray when it comes out. While the movie can in no way compare to the book, it is still amazing. I think there was perfect casting in it. What an inspiration!

3. The Last Lecture

Source: Google Images
 I have had this book for a while, but have kept putting off reading it.  This book is so inspiration and to the point.  We need to enjoy and appreciate what we have.  I don't mark in book very often, besides textbooks, but I have highlghted things in the book that I want to be sure to remember and to take to heart.  Randy Pausch worked on this book while he was dying from pancreatic cancer.  However, the tone of this book isn't about dying, it's about living life to its fullest.  I know that is something I need to do better at and this book has motivated me to do so.

On a completely unrelated note, I start class tonight and it's on reasearch.  Not my favorite subject by far, but I will make the best of it and hopefully come to appreciate the necessity of reasearch, too.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back in the Groove

Today was officially the 4th day of school. We teachers, however, worked 5 day previous to that. Hubby and I are trying to get back in thee routine of life after the less-scheduled, less-hectic days of summer. We are working to become more active in our church in Northwest Arkansas and are exploring/praying about becoming members there. We don't want to be just bodies in the pews on Sunday morning, but want to know those that we worship with and give back. We also want our children to grow up with a loving church family.

Besides church we are getting in the routine of exercising 3-4 days a week. We have been going to the HPER Center at the University. There are amazing facilities there and it's free for me and only $18 a semester for hubby. The group exercise classes start tonight and I am excited to try Aqua-Aerobics. Let's just hope I don't fall off the wagon, so to speak. I really do want to get in better shape. I really feel better when I exercise regularly. I am hoping that motivation doesn't become a problem as the days get shorter!

Night classes are also getting ready to start up. Hubby and I each have to go one night a week. But, we are both almost done. Next semester we don't have actual classes to go to. We will be doing our internships. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially for hubby. I know he is ready to be finished and to get a classroom of his own. It will be exciting to see what all God has in store for us!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It Is Well With My Soul

After a long summer of not really being able to say that phrase, I now whole-heartedly believe it. Don't get me wrong, it has been a great summer and I have enjoyed my time off of work, but in the back of my mind there was always worry nestled there. This worry would peek his head out and I would let it bring me down.

Not anymore! I have made the conscious decision to work on the worry and not let it take a front seat in my life. This summer, we have a a series of messages in church about joy; finding your joy, not let anxiousness and worry steal your joy, etc. I have really taken these messages to heart and am working on not losing my joy.

Is life perfect? No, but as I look at my life I am realizing I have much to be thankful and joyous about. I let the worry of hubby finding a teaching job control me. That may not be a reality for us this year, but will be much more possible after he graduates next year. I have faith that we will be taken care of and will survive with him keeping the same job we had last year. I am not going to the worry and anxiousness about job situations (finances) keep me from being happy. We survived before with this job and we can do it again. God is not going to put us in a situation that we can't handle. I keep thinking of the Lord's Prayer and the phrase, "thy will be done." This is my mantra and it is bringing me peace. This peace is making it all well with my soul.