Wednesday, August 31, 2011

That Was Embarrassing

Little, potentially embarrassing things seem to happen to me quite often like tripping over my own feet, slipping on wet floors, and the like.  Thankfully, this seems to happen most of the time when either no one is around or I am surrounded by complete strangers.  Hopefully, these strangers just have a quick laugh to themselves and move on with their own busy lives.

Yesterday an embarrassing thing happened.  But, it happened when I was in a room of 4th and 5th grade boys.  They were sitting at this table in my classroom.


I had given them something to work on.  I was going to sit in the chair with the wheels to be able to help them.  I tried to sit down and apparently sat too close to the edge of the chair.  Instead of letting me sit down, the chair rolled right out from under me at warp speed and stopped only when it hit the wall.  I fell smack dab on my rear end.  To make matters worse, I was wearing a skirt.  I did manage to land fairly lady-like and therefore avoided showing anything inappropriate for young boys to see.  One of them was even sweet enough to ask if I was ok.  I was so embarrassed and slightly sore from hitting a concrete floor.

Slightly embarrassing moment #2 of the week happened today.  I was dressed and walked down to the car.  As I was getting things in the car, my pants reached their breaking point.  They were a little thread-bare and decided they were done.  The thread-bare spot turned into a huge hole.  So I had to run back upstairs and change.  The only person I caught a peek of was a random guy that lives in our building.  Hopefully, he didn't notice.  At least this happened before I got to work.

Maybe I can avoid any further embarrassing incidents this week!

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  1. oh my word! I bet that fall did hurt!!!