Friday, October 29, 2010

Five Question Friday

I have been a little lazy when it comes to blogging this week.  I've been pretty busy, but just didn't have any ideas as to what to write about.  I'm going to try to get back in the swing of things next week.  I hope everyone has a super Halloween weekend.  We are going to be busy supporting our Hogs!!!  We are going to the volleyball tonight and then tomorrow head to the Homecoming game, where we will hopefully beat Vanderbilt!

Rules for Five Question Friday: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then link up with Mama M. Come on. Join in. It’ll be fun!


1.  If you could be a fly on any wall, which would you choose? I can't pick just one wall.  I tend to be on the nosy side so I like to know what is going on.  But, I would probably want to be a fly on the wall at my students' home.  I always wonder what life is really like for my students.  I would want to know about their well-being and to know if there is anything I could do to help them more.  Are there basic needs being met?  If not, then school isn't really all that important in the grand scheme of things.

2.  Do you budget your Christmas shopping or just get it done without budgeting?  I am more of an impulse buyer.  If I see something I think someone would like, I buy it and give it to them for Christmas.  I am so proud of myself, I have already started picking up gifts for those on my Christmas list.  We also take vacations over Christmas.  That's a gift that everyone enjoys so some of our money goes toward that instead of buying gifts.  Vacations are the gift of FUN!

3. What is the craziest fad diet you have ever done? In college, I tried the Grapefruit Diet.  I hate anything grapefruit, so I don't know what I was thinking.  Obviously that little venture didn't last long and won't be repeated ever again.  I have come to the conclusion that I love food so have given up all aspirations of being Miss Skinny Minny.

4. Is there a TV show that you have seen every episode/season of? Hubby and I have watched every single episode of Frinds and Will & Grace together.  We didn't watch them while they were on TV, though.  We bought them on DVD.  I wasn't actually into those shows when they were on.  Apparently, I am the only person in my generation to not be into Friends.  I also conned hubby into buying me the boxed set of Sex and the City and watching that with me.  I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it way more than he did!

5. What one song always pulls at your heart?  I always get choked up when I hear patriotic songs.  I love my country.  Michael Buble songs also get to me, especially Home.  I love music so this list could go on and on, but I just put down a couple things that came to my mind first.  I didn't really want to bore anyone!


  1. I used to make my boyfriend watch Sex and the City with me all the time. He even went to see the first movie with me when it came out. I'm CERTAIN I enjoyed it more than he did.

  2. We watched Gilmore Girls that way - I loved it. No waiting until the next week to find out what happens.