Thursday, October 21, 2010

Technology Dependent

This morning I had a little incident with my iPhone.  For some reason it decided not to work.  The screen wouldn't come on.  Then it would come on and flicker for a minute and decide to go off again and not come back on.

This all started about five minutes before I had to leave to get to my inservice meeting.  Great!!  I needed to leave and all I felt inside was panic.  I couldn't tell anyone my phone didn't work.  What if something happened at school and they needed me?  What if there was an emergency and hubby needed to get in touch with me?  He didn't even know my phone was broken so he would think I was ignoring him!  Mom couldn't get a hold of me.  Oh No!!!!  The world was coming to an end.

All this made me realize I am entirely too dependent on technology.  I totally found out that the world keeps on spinning even when my cell phone doesn't work.

Fortunately, my phone came out of its funk and started working properly this afternoon.  We'll have to see how long it will last!

1 comment:

  1. I can feel your pain. Any time mine does something strange, I'm certain my heart skips a beat.