Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nice Change of Pace

Today I had the opportunity to go to a training on how to use our Promethean Boards (interactive white board) in the classroom.  There are several good things about getting inservice days during the school year:

1.  You get a break from the normal routine.

2.  You get a little downtime.  Instead of going from one lesson to the other, you get a day that runs at a slower pace.

3.  You get a chance to see and talk to co-workers that on most day you are lucky pass and say "hi" to in the hall.

4.  You get to sleep a little later.  Instead on being at school at 7:30ish, I didn't have to be there until 8:30 today.

5.  You get a least an hour for lunch instead of a rushed 30 minutes.

6.  You get to go sit down in a restaurant and order a nice lunch where you can sit around a table and have nice conversations with your coworkers/friends.

7.  You leave feeling refreshed and excited from what you learned instead of completely exhausted.

All in all , it was nice to have a change of pace today and the good news is I get another one of these days next week!

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