Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let Me Explain

Yesterday, I posted this picture for Wordless Wednesday with the the Title, "Wishing For This Scene."

I know that some of you think I must be off my rocker to want it to be cold and wintery.  But, I love snow and cold weather.  I know I will especially love it after the long, hot summer we just had.  Plus, it's still awful warm for it to be the middle of October.

One of the best things about moving from Central Arkansas to Northwest Arkansas is that we get a lot more winter weather here.  I saw real snow on multiple occasions instead of just ice.  I think snow is so beautiful and peaceful, particularly on the mountains we have around here!

I love winter because I love wearing sweaters and lighting yummy candles.  I love those surprise days off of school and getting to hang out at home to watch TV and movies.  But, I know that come next March and April I will be thoroughly excited about spring and summer and will then be complaining about what a long, cold winter we just had!

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  1. I'm in SoCal, and I'd give anything for just a few days of this beautiful scenery.