Monday, October 4, 2010


I read this blog post over the weekend and it has stuck with me.  I just can't stop thinking about how it totally described me and my mentality.  We have become a society of instant gratification.  In retrospect, I see myself often confusing "needs" and "wants."  There is a difference that I really need to learn.  I want to overcome this entitlement to have everything I want; it's an entitlement I tried to ignore that I have.  I am not entitled to "things."

Recently, we have been looking at buying a house in the NWA area.  It's not as easy as it seems.  With the economy down, lenders aren't looking to just give money away to people that say they want to buy a house.  So at times, I get down about how it isn't just falling into place as quickly and easily as I want.  I have caught myself saying, "We need to get a house.  This apartment just isn't enough."  Now that I think about it, we don't need a house.  Yes, it would be nice.  Yes, we would have more space.  But, I need to stop and be grateful for what I do have.

We are fortunate to have a nice apartment to live in here.  We still have my grandfather's house to live in in Central Arkansas.  We have two nice cars that get us everywhere we want and need to be.  We have plenty of food to eat, clothes to where, and have had the opportunity to visit some amazing places.

There is really nothing I need or am lacking.  I know that when the time is right the opportunity for us to buy a house will present itself. In the meantime, I need to have more patience with everything and have patience.  Many things in life are worth the wait, I need to slow down and enjoy the journey and stop focusing so much on the end result.


  1. So very true Lorrie!!! You should read Crazy Love or Radical.... girl, girl.... LIFE CHANGING!!

  2. Totally understand where you're coming from since hubs and I "needed" a new house too. Our thing was, we couldn't find one fast enough and when we did, our current home didn't sell. So, we've come to realize that it's not something that you can just go out and buy and it's not something that we need. We have a house that serves us for now and it's all about God's timing!