Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bringing Home Joleigh

This is a picture of my friend Jenny and her beautiful family.

What really strikes me about this family is their desire to follow what God has put on their hearts to do.  They are all so kind and so selfless.  I want to model my family after the example this family has set.  This family is in the process of adopting a precious baby girl, Joleigh, from Ethiopia.  God has put on their hearts to provide and nurture a child that may not otherwise have that opportunity.  

I admire this family.  The choice to adopt is not easy.  The road they have ahead of them may not be easy, but they are choosing to be obedient to God.  How amazing is that!  What is also amazing is how this family has inspired others to help.  While it may not be in everyone's future to adopt an orphan, the journey this family has taken has inspired many others to help sweet Joleigh get home to her family.

This family has worked hard to get Joleigh here with them.  This process is incredibly expensive due to the fact they must travel to Ethiopia twice.  But, they have not looked at this as a daunting task, but rather have worked with such joy to raise the funds that are needed.  This joy has spread to others and made others want to give of themselves freely.

Cans, Cans, and more Cans

This mountain of cans and so many more have been saved, crushed, and cashed in to raise money.


They are also selling fair trade coffee and other items.  Check out their coffee shop here.  Other fundraiser they have held include a gold party, a jewelry party, and a yard sale.  But, now they are doing something new and I just love it.  

I love these shirts.  They are so thought-provoking to me.  When you stop and think about this sentiment, it makes you think about how much we waste in our quest for things.  We waste time, energy, and money.  Things aren't bad, just not quite so important when you consider the number of people fighting for survival.

Here is the link to Jenny's blog where you can hear about the journey her family is on.  You can also buy a T-shirt and find out about other ways to help bring Joleigh home.  I hope that spending a few minutes on her blog will bring as much inspiration to you as it has me.

Note:  All the photos I used in this post came from Jenny's blog.

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  1. Lorrie... you are GREAT!!! Thank you SO much for posting this!!! We appreciate it so much:) Love you and miss working with you!