Monday, January 2, 2012

How We Celebrated

After a busy holiday season full of travel, we spent New Year's Day at home unwinding and recuperating. Hubby heads back to work today so we needed the down time. We enjoyed a home-cooked meal that may seem more traditional for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it was perfect for us. Since we spent Thanksgiving in Chicago and Christmas at Disney World this was our chance to have our favorite holiday food: fried turkey.

Here is hubby getting the bird in the frier.

Frying the turkey

My mom also whipped up some of our other favorites including dressing, noodles, peas in cream sauce, cranberry sauce (that was from a can, but it's still one of my favorites), and a fruit salad.  She also made the best part, candy bar pie for dessert.  Yummy!  No ham or black-eyed peas for us, but perfect just the same.

Here is our spread.

New Year's Dinner

The afternoon was spent on lesson plans and football for hubby.  I did my lesson plans, caught up of Facebook and some blogs, and of course had to get my Pinterest fix.

It didn't seem like New Year's Day without the Rose Parade and bowl games, but I 'll get to enjoy those today.  I don't have to head back to work until Wednesday so I have a couple more days off to enjoy.  Tomorrow I'll head back to NWA and begin tackling the Christmas decorations.  Wish me luck!

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