Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holidays and Friends: More Alike Than You Think

Today is the last day of Christmas Vacation. Hubby returns to school (Yesterday turned out to be part of Christmas Break, which he didn't know until after he drove to school. The online calendar was wrong.) and I am leaving to Northwest Arkansas.  My afternoon will be spent putting away Christmas decorations, which is never as fun as putting them up.

Tomorrow I return to work for a professional development day, and the students start back on Thursday.  They'll be there without me, though.  Thursday, we are heading to Dallas to root for our Razorbacks in the Cotton Bowl.

It's sad to leave the holidays behind us.  It is such a busy season that I know I don't really take the time to stop and enjoy them until they are gone.  We work so hard on the decorating, cooking, and gift buying that we don't always stop to enjoy the moment and reflect on the meaning of the season.  I am trying to be more conscious of that.

These thoughts brings friendship to mind.  There are friendships I have that used to be so much stronger and closer.  I didn't take the time to relish and nurture them like I should have.  These friendships have suffered because I got so into the busyness of life that I didn't stop and appreciate what I had.  There was marriage, babies, and jobs that got in the way.  Friendships take time and energy.

Some friendships became hard for me, not because of fights or any other trauma, but because of jealousy.  It's an issue I have struggled with.  Instead of trusting God and his plan for me, I was (and still am at times) jealous of what my friends had: house, job, marriage, kids.  So I chose to distance myself rather than work on the problem through prayer.

So while the holidays are over for another year, I don't want to distance myself from friends for another year.  While we may not be close (physically or in a friendship sense), I choose to let the jealousy go and relish my friends.  I know they are still my friends and would love to heal our bonds.  I am choosing to trust in God and his plan for my life!

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  1. My google reader isn't updating like it should, so you'll have to forgive me!

    I agree with this soooo much. I'm the exact same way. I don't have any close friends, per se. I have my family and most days that's fine by me. But sometimes I'm sad about all the friendships that I let slide by! It's good to know that I'm not the only one.