Tuesday, January 10, 2012


That's pretty much how I'm feeling right now.  Have you ever had one of those off days at work?  Well, today was one of those days for me.  It's dark, gloomy, and rainy.  That is a bad combination for me.  Plus, I spent the morning giving small groups of students a reading test.  You may not know much about my job, but one of the things I responsible for as a special education teacher is providing students with disabilities accommodations of tests.  Normally, it's not too bad because I read the questions, make sure the students are on task and answering in the correct spot.  But, on reading tests I just watch them and keep them on task.  I can't read anything to them or provide any help or guidance and since they have some type of disability, they usually work pretty slowly.  This led to one long, boring morning.  Thank goodness for math tomorrow!

After my thoroughly thrilling morning, I was working with some students in a math group.  During the time the assistant prinicpal came in to observe.   Let's just say it wasn't horrible, but I definitely wasn't totally on my "A" game today.  We were working, but it wasn't an awesome lesson or anything.  I'm sure it's fine; I'll know for sure at some point in the next couple of days after I talk to her about the observation.  I really do want to do a good job and do the best that I possibly can for my students.  I'm sure I thought it was much worse than she did, but you can never tell.

The weather is definitely not helping my situation.  I was wanting to come home and go out for a walk/jog, but the rain had a different plan.  So instead I'm sitting on the couch and being lazy.  Oh well!  Tomorrow is another day and a new chance to be amazing!


  1. Tomorrow is another chance to be amazing - I love that! Seriously, I need to stitch it on a pillow or something!

  2. "Thank goodness for math tomorrow"...that is something that you would be hard pressed to hear around my house! :)
    I hope your days get more amazing!! I like Megan's idea!