Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well Snowmageddon 2011 reached historical proportions. We got around 20" of snow, give or take an inch or two. Hubby and I spent all day yesterday inside because it snowed for over 12 hours and it was cold and we are big babies. Last night we reached a historical low of -18 degrees. That's right we were in the negative by 18 degrees. In Arkansas! But by this afternoon we couldn't take it anymore. We had to get outside and check things out, namely our cars and the depth of the snow. To do this we needed the assistance of our cat Sadie. The following pictures show what we encountered. FYI: The cat only lasted outside about 5 miserable minutes and then we brought her back inside. We think she's part Siberian, but you can't tell it by her aversion to the cold and to snow.


Poor Sadie!  Every time she took a step she just fell into the snow.  If she was heavier, it would have been deeper than she is tall.


That snow is still pretty deep!  No wonder we aren't having school again tomorrow.  The kids couldn't even walk around.



The cars were pretty much buried.  Hubby spent quite a bit of time cleaning them off before the bottom layer turned to ice.

It's supposed to get -8 degrees tonight, but get a little warmer tomorrow.  My goal is to actually get in the car and go somewhere tomorrow afternoon.  Cabin fever is starting to set in.  Plus I have ordered an amazing birthday cake for hubby that needs to get picked up.  I didn't get to order it last week because of the snow then so I'm determined that we get it tomorrow.  I'll post pictures of it this weekend, if I can get it picked up that is!

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  1. I just can't believe all the snow! It would be amazing to see that up close and personal! LOL But, I'd last all of five minutes!