Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday Cake and Valentine Flowers

Last week I was so busy with class and Parent Conferences that I never posted pictures of hubby's birthday celebration. The first thing I want to show is his cake. It was so amazing!!

birthday cake copy

I could not get over how real it looks! Hubby thought it was perfect. He loves going to the theater to see movies and the experience isn't complete without a bucket of popcorn. The cake tasted really good, too. It was Italian cream cake with Italian Cream filling. Yum! I have definitely found the cake shop for all special occasions in our family! For anyone living in NWA, I definitely recommend Shelby Lynn's Cake Shoppe in Springdale!

mike-cake copy

Hubby couldn't resist being silly! Too bad the icing didn't taste like popcorn!

mike-lens copy

Really excited about getting the fisheye lens he wanted for his camera from mom and me. A pretty perfect birthday party in his opinion.

Monday when I got home from class, hubby had two arrangements of flowers waiting for me! He was so sweet. I got a dozen red roses and a bouquet of pink carnations (my favorite). Somehow we don't have any pictures of the carnations except for the blurry one on my phone.

Here are my roses.

roses copy

The next two pictures are actually the same picture, but with some photo editing by the hubby, which I thought was beautiful. He is turning into a really good photographer and I can't wait to see what all he does in the future!

Here is the Before picture.

Lorrie Roses 2

Here is the After picture.

Lorrie Roses 3

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