Monday, January 4, 2010

We Made It Through....And What's Ahead

I wasn't sure how this day would go, but all in all, I made it through.  I told Mike good-bye this morning.  God was watching out for me, though.  He gave us a few extra hours together by sending some winter weather our way.  We made the trip back to Greenbrier from Memphis yesterday after freezing our booties off at the Liberty Bowl.    I was supposed to head back to Fayetteville and get reading for our in-service today.  But, I got caught behind a wreck so to kill time I checked out Facebook and to my surprise saw a post from my school saying that the in-service was cancelled :)  I will never listen to anyone that says Facebook is a waste of time ;)  I turned around and went back to spend one more night with Mike.

He left this morning for Camp Robinson and I left for Fayetteville.  We both made it safe and sound.  We might be a little sad, but I did get to talk to him for about an hour tonight.  He said today wasn't too bad.  They did lots of physical training and spent the rest of the day in orientation.  I might get to see him on Sunday when his group runs the Big Dam Bridge!

I have the next few months mostly by myself, but I plan to keep myself busy.  Here are some goals I have set for myself:
1.  Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.  I have signed up for a personal trainer through the University to keep myself motivated.
2.  Keep caught up on work for my classes.  I have no excuse to not be ahead at all times.
3.  Read.  I got some new books for Christmas that I want to read and I want to finish reading the Twilight series.  I never made the time to do it before, but I will now.
4.  Read the Bible daily!  My friend Jenny (Thanks) got a group of people on Facebook (again Facebook can't be called bad) reading through the Bible in a year.  I'm caught up so far. :)
5.  Be the best teacher for my students that I can be!

I know there are more things I want to get done, but I think I'll start with these.  I hope everyone has a blessed 2010. Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us.


  1. I'm glad to hear that ya'll both made it safe and sound! I'm very glad that things went smoothly his first day. Hang in there girl - I think you're taking the right approach by keeping yourself busy and turning things into a positive. I hope you get to see him on the Big Dam Bridge run. I love running that bridge - it's tough!

  2. I hope this time for you and Mike flies by but mainly I hope God reminds you daily just how much you love each other so when you're together, you never forget!
    SO glad we're reading our bible together.. I DO miss you!!