Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do I have a job?

Ok, so I have another day off of work/school due to winter weather.  Normally, I would be ok with that, but I have almost had three weeks in a row off.  We haven't been back since Christmas vacation.  I also have something else important coming up.  I have a date with my husband tomorrow night.  This is the first week of his training to become an officer in the army.  I'm in Fayetteville, thinking I have to work.  If I had known different, I would have just stayed in Greenbrier where I could have seen him most evenings.  But, since I can't change that now, I am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow night for dinner.  And I do really need to see him.  I need to see that he is doing ok.  I know he's a grown man, but I'm a worrier.  I have been able to talk to him every night.  He's pretty much free at night.  But, talking isn't the same as seeing him in flesh so that I can inspect that he is not being harmed by the people I am pretty sure spend their whole day yelling to make them "tough."  As you can tell I don't know a whole lot about the military or the tactics they use to train people.  I do know I couldn't make it.  I'm wimpy and get my feelings hurt way too easily for that.  But, I can hear the ups and downs in Mike's voice.  I know he can do this because he can do anything he puts his mind to.  Yesterday, he seemed to be better than other days.  I guess he's getting into a routine and bonding with the guys he's with, but I think we both need to see each other tomorrow.  So, I pray that the weather will cooperate and I can make it off the "hill" tomorrow.  Please keep Mike in your prayers that God will give him the strength to endure everything that is thrown his way over the next couple months.

Mike being sworn in the Army back in October.

Mike in the barracks last night.

Another pic of Mike just because I love him!


  1. Aww! I know how you need to see him to make sure he's ok! My brother went into the Air Force a few years back and I remember how I needed to see him to inspect him too. Sometimes a voice just isn't enough!

  2. those pics of Mike are GREAT... I love the last one! hope for a great date night Friday! love the blog!! :)