Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just a Few Thinks on My Mind

1.  I am loving that I get to talk to Mike every night right now.  I know exactly what's going on with him and he knows exactly what is going on with me.  It is comforting.  I am also excited that he gets the whole upcoming weekend off.  We are going to celebrate his birthday since he will be in Alabama.  I'm baking a cake for him, it's so yummy too.  It's a turtle cake with a caramel layer in the middle.  It makes my mouth water just thinking about it, but it's also making my booty expand just thinking about all those calories.  More about that in a minute!  On Saturday, we are going to go see Avatar in IMAX 3D.  I sure hope it's good.  It didn't really interest me, but I know Mike really wants to see it.  Then, we are going to eat at Capeo's in North Little Rock.  It is Mike's all time favorite Italian restaurant, and we have tried a lot of Italian restaurants.

2.  I just talked to my personal trainer on the phone.  My first session is going to be next Monday afternoon.  We are going to do assessments (weight, body fat, etc..) :(  Then, we are going to set goals.  I'm excited and scared at the same time.  I know this will be a new way to help myself get healthier.  I need someone telling me what I should be doing.  Sore muscles, her I come!!!

3.  I am loving my daily Bible Readings. I am reading it chronologically with some other people through Facebook.  Getting the historical perspective is amazing.  The stories are so beautiful and reassuring at the same time.  I guess in my mind I thought that people are becoming more sinful than they have ever been, but that isn't necessarily true.  There has always been a lot of sin, but there has also been some amazing people who have overcome their sin and lived for God.  I am inspired to do the same in my life.  I am also excited to continue my journey through the Bible in this way that is new to me.

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