Friday, December 31, 2010

What a Difference a Year Makes


I have read several blogs today about looking back over 2010 and preparing for 2011.  So many of the posts talked about how much change these families have undergone.  I started reflecting back on our year and we have also had a lot of changes.

This time last year I was preparing to tell hubby goodbye for his training in the Army.  On January 4, he staying in Central Arkansas for training and I went back to work in Northwest Arkansas.  In late January he left for Alabama for what we thought was going to be 8 weeks.  Well, 8 days later I got the phone call that he was coming home.  

I felt such a mixture of emotions upon receiving this call.  Some of these emotions I am not proud of at all and made me feel like a failure in the wife department.  But, you know what?  Things always turn out for the best and follow the plan God has set out for us.  

We went for a couple months not really knowing where our path was leading.  Hubby spent some time working in my school and found his new calling.  In July, he started back to school to get his master's in teaching.  18 graduate hours later and his is still working toward that goal and has a full-time instructional assistant position in my school.

I have also continued my graduate study at the University of Arkansas, which I really love.  I have always wanted to be a Razorback and now I am.  

This past year has also drawn me closer in my walk with Jesus.  I find myself spending a lot more time in prayer and studying the Bible.  Hubby and I have also started a nightly Bible study together.  I love it!  I hope to continue these things in 2011.  I don't know if I really have any other resolutions in 2011, but I know I want to spent more time thinking about the positives in my life and not the negatives.  Life isn't about keeping up with the Joneses, but about finding happiness in what I do have.

I wish all of you a very happy and blessed new year!

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