Thursday, January 27, 2011

What a Tease!

Mother Nature can be down right mean sometimes.  I have two issues with her this week. January has been a brute of a month weatherwise.  We have been cloudy, cold, and have also had our fair share of winter weather.  I know it's really nothing compared to what lots of places have to endure, but for crying out loud we are in Arkansas.  It's the south, we are below the Mason Dixon Line, and the drearyness is starting to get to me.  But, starting today we are actually seeing a warm-up and there is sun.  Yay for blue skies!  On Saturday, we could even get up close to 70.  We have outdoor activities planned like going to see some Trumpeter Swans that for some strange reason have decided to migrate here in the winter.  We are also going to break out the grill.  All of this is absolutely fabulous, until Monday that is.

Guess what?  That's when Mother Nature has decided she is going to pull the rug out from under us again.  We will once again return to the land of cold, cloudy, and dreary.  There is also a chance of rain/sleet/snow thrown in for good measure.  That is just plain mean.  I will, however, enjoy the spring teaser we will have over the next couple days.

The other beef I have with Mother Nature is the wrench she has thrown into my sleep pattern.  For a couple nights this week, she thought I didn't need sleep.  Obviously, she has never been a teacher.  Teachers need their sleep; they don't need to be blogging and facebooking in the middle of the night.  Thankfully I was able to get some shut-eye last night.  My brain appreciates the rest it was given.  Hopefully, that trend will continue for this girl that really enjoys sleep!

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  1. Today and tomorrow it's suppose to be mid 60's for the high! I'm a very happy girl! If only it would last a bit, all year!