Monday, January 10, 2011

The Almost Snow Day

Yesterday a fairly big snow storm cam through the state of Arkansas.  The only problem:  it didn't really make it to Northwest Arkansas.  We got just enough to give us a little hope for a snow day.  My hope, however, was shattered at 6:00 this morning by facebook.  Our school district posted that we would be in school.  This post was written in all caps.  I understand the need to let everyone know, but please don't yell at me in order to break my hope of a snow day.

I am just like a little kid; I get so excited at the thought of maybe missing a day of school.  My adult brain knows that we will still have to make it up, but it is still fun and a whole lot warmer to not have to get out.  I love staying home, eating warm food, watching TV/movies, and reading a good book.

But, I will be a big girl today and power through.  The good news is we are supposed to get more snow tonight. It's should be more than we got last night.  In fact, as I look out the window right now there is a light snow falling.  I'll be here with my fingers and toes crossed.

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  1. Hey, if it makes you feel better - I'm working and it IS a snow day. We've got like 2 inches and I'm working from home and it SUCKS!!