Sunday, January 30, 2011

House Hunting and More Winter

Hubby and I have began the task of house hunting.  We moved to Northwest Arkansas a year and a half ago.  We have been living in an apartment since we have been here, but now have decided it's time to buy a house.  It is something that has turned out to be harder and more time consuming than I thought.  We have just started and I can't even count how many hours have been spent surfing the internet and driving around just to get the feel of the neighborhoods we would be interested in living in.

Now, there just seems to be so much left to do.  We have to contact a real estate agent and schedule some showings.  We have found several that we like the outside of and from what we can tell from pictures, the inside seems nice.  But, I understand how things can be different once you get inside and walk around.  I can tell this is going to take quite some time and have to just be patient with it.  I am trying not to get my hopes up on any particular house and just take my time and enjoy the process and really figure out what house we want to make a home.

If the weather forecast hold up, we may have more time this week to get serious with our house hunt.  They are predicting another winter storm to move through this week so there is no telling what is in store for us.  I hope we don't miss too many more days of school.  There have been predictions from 2-10" of snow/sleet/freezing rain.  Tuesday is hubby's birthday so he may have the day off.

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  1. I feel your pain! We've been house hunting for quite a while! But, don't give up - you'll find your house!