Monday, February 1, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Mike made it to Fayetteville today.  Finally!  It was his birthday, too.  It was so nice to be able to spend it together.  We didn't just spend it hanging out.  We got busy trying to sort out what is going to happen next.  We went and talked to a recruiter with the Army Reserves.  That is not really an option right now.  In order to go that route, Mike would have to be released from the Guard.  There is a greater chance of seeing pigs fly than he getting his release.  The reason?  The Guard is has at least 125 officer openings that need to be filled.  Mike's test scores and other credentials are just too good for him not to become one of those officers.  Those are the words of the Major he met with this morning, not mine.  Although I already knew that.  So what are the real options we have?

1.  Traditional OCS-a 2 year program of getting trained on drill weekends and a couple of weeks during the summer.  Pro-Human-like treatment. Con-this program is usually for those who don't have their college degree yet.

2.  Accelerated OCS-this is the 8-week program that Mike just tried.  The Major feels Mike can spend the next few months preparing himself and training himself to return to this program in June, which is the next cycle.  Pro-it's only 8 weeks and so Mike can get it overwith.  Con-Inhumane treatment at times.

3.  ROTC-we don't really know a lot about this option yet.

More than likely what is going to happen is that Mike will go back to Alabama this summer and try this again.  I know he will make it through if he puts his mind to it and gets himself metally, physically, and emotionally prepared.  I was so glad to see my Mike today and to celebrate his birthday with him. 

I will be returning to school tomorrow.  Today was our 6th day to miss due to winter weather/road conditions.  I know my students need me, but I will feel sad for leaving Mike right after he got back.  Maybe we will have a speedy week!


  1. Those are some tough decisions! I know God will lead ya'll in the right direction. He knows best! :) I wish it were easier, but I have no idea on how to even help on this one...

  2. Hey girl. I like your blog! I'm a new Army wife stationed at Ft. Rucker Alabama. Just nice to meet new people!