Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What About Change?

I have been thinking a lot about change lately.  And why not?  We sure have had a lot of it in our lives in the the past several months.  I got a new job, moved to a new town, started attending a new school.  That in  itself brings about a lot of change.  Then, Mike has been undergoing a lot of changes.  He quit his job to move with me, only to be unable to find a teaching job here.  This led him to rethink his career direction and do some serious soul-searching.  You all know the outcome of this decision:  He rejoined the military.  That set off a whole lot more change in our lives.  He left for OCS, then came back sooner than expected, and now we now he will be leaving again in a couple of months.  All of this change makes me dizzy.  I'm not really a loving-all-the-changes kind of girl.  But looking back on all of this change I realize that is wasn't that bad after all.  As I have grown up (i.e gotten older), I can see the value in change.  Change is what helps meet goals that haven't previously been met.  If we keep doing the same things, we are going to get the same results.  Change had to take place in order for us to be in this place.  All of these changes have brought me closer to Mike and most importantly to God.  My faith has gotten so much stronger, and that has been the best change of all.  I know that know matter what, I am not alone.  I have faith that I will get through any situation that comes my way.  Just this last Sunday, the sermon was on change.  When I heard that, I perked right up to listen.  The pastor asked, "Are you being changed toward the image of Christ or toward the world's broken-ness?"  I choose to go toward Christ.  Since change is inevitable, I want to make the most out of it!


  1. I know what you mean!!! In 2008 we got married, moved in together, he left for basic, then left for WOC school, then we both moved all that way to Alabama. At the time I almost felt like I couldn't breathe there was so much change. I'm decent with change...not so good with the unknown...and not knowing when he's going to call or where we are going to live or I'm going to work...that is what gets me. But looking back, I think the best part of our marriage so far was when we moved down here and it took 2 weeks for our stuff to come so we lived with an airmatress, portable dvd player, and the cats. I thought it was boring at the time, but we bonded and it's fun to look back at it. Remind me of this when the next big change comes and I'm crying out on my blog about it :)

  2. I'm horrible with change - espec things I cant control! You're doing much, much better than I ever would! :)