Saturday, August 7, 2010

Men Are From.....

I absolutely love my hubby and wouldn't trade him for anything.  Most of the time!  If you had asked me to trade him on Thursday, I probably would have.  I really wanted to wring his neck.

We spent last weekend in Fayetteville.  On Monday, mom and hubby headed back to Central Arkansas.  I stayed in Fayetteville.  I had inservice on Monday and Tuesday, and a conference Thursday so I stayed behind.  I did get quality time working in my classroom.  Thursday after my conference I headed on down for one last time before I head back to work.

I was excited to get back.  I was ready to see hubby and hang out with mom!  The excitement ended the moment I waled in the door.  I wouldn't go so far as to say the house was a disaster, but it definitely was in the condition I like.  The cooler used to transport food was still sitting in the kitchen floor.  I mentioned this and the conversation went like this:

Hubby: "I don't know where it goes."

Me:  "Why do you think is sits in the kitchen?  Has it been here all summer?"  (Hubby does know that we store our traveling paraphernalia in the spare bedroom.)

Hubby: "No, but I didn't see where you got it from before we left."  (Our house isn't that big, so we don't have that many options of places to put things.)

After that conversation, I went about straightening and putting up what I had brought with me.  I then noticed the bathroom.  He didn't seem to think that it needed to be cleaned because all he did was take showers in there.  Anyway, we know guys do a lot more than just shower in their.  Yuck!

Later, I got in the fridge to get out the milk.  Guess what, there wasn't any.  Usually not a big deal, but he did tell me the day before we were out and that he was going to go buy some.  I had bought some in Fayetteville that I could have brought with me, IF someone had told me we needed it.

The list could conversations could go on and on, but I really wonder sometimes what planet men are really from.  I know it's not the same one that women are!  In the end, everything was fine.  I got the house back into the shape I can live with, at least until the next time I leave hubby at home alone!


  1. I think they play dumb because they'd rather get yelled at than do the work.

  2. I agree with Mindee - I could kill my hubs some times!