Sunday, March 14, 2010

One Week To Go

Only one more week until Spring Break!  I don't know who is more excited: Mike, me, or the students.  I find comfort in knowing that one week from right now, I will be in sunny, warm, Florida!!  I am tired of this long, cold, gray winter that we are continuing to have.  I think we all just need a break from each other.  It's getting to be crunch time for the upcoming Benchmark Exam for the kids.  That is just a lot of extra stress that we are ready to get out of the way.  Hopefully, after a week off we can buckle down and do our last push to prepare.  I think Mike is ready for a break, too.  Last week he became a one-on-one aide for a special education student.  To say it has been trying, is a major understatement.  All I know is that Mike truly does have the patience of Job.  I know I could not do the job he is doing. I hope this week goes fast, because the anticipation is killing us.  We can't wait to get to Disney World!  We are seriously like two little kids.  This is our last chance for a vacation for a while, too.  Mike will be gone to OCS most of the summer, so this is our chance to get away and have a little fun!  Just 5 work days to get through!


  1. I'm ready for spring break, too! Just knowing that I'll have a NORMAL week where I don't have to think about school is so amazing! I'll still have to go to work, but I think I can handle that! LOL I'm just tired of the added stress of school!

  2. Have a great week - anything is possible for 5 days, right? Especially with Mickey waiting at the other end.