Monday, March 4, 2013

15 Weeks

I have had this post ready for several days, but keep forgetting to post it.  It's almost time for my next post.  I am going to go ahead and post this so I can remember this week.

15 Weeks

How far along? 15 weeks last Monday (2-25-13)

Baby's size? About 4 inches, which is about the size of an apple.  He or she weighs about 2 1/2 ounces.

Gender?  We don't know yet.  Our ultrasound is scheduled for March 25, but we aren't gong to find out until our gender reveal party the first weekend in April.

Names: Max Alexander if it's a boy.  Max is after my granddad and Alexander is Mike's middle name and is his grandfather's name.  If it's a girl, her name will be Anna Grace.  We just really like that name.

Maternity clothes?  I have actually lost weight this past month so most of my regular clothes still fit.  I do love my maternity jeans, though.  They are so comfortable.

Stretch marks? Not yet and I am definitely not looking forward to getting any.

Movement? Not yet, but I can't wait until I can feel the baby kicking!

Sleep?  I sleep good probably 5 nights per week.  I don't sleep so good 2 nights.  I have to get up to go to the bathroom or I can't get comfortable enough to sleep.

Food Aversions? I didn't have any specific aversions this week, but food in general wasn't really appealing.

Food Cravings? I didn't have any cravings.  I just tried to eat enough to get full.  Food isn't really my friend.

Best moment of the past week? Getting to hear the baby's heartbeat again.  That is the best sound in the world right now and our reassurance the baby is still there since we have been able to see him/her yet.

Miss anything? I miss feeling normal.  The nausea is still hanging around.  I miss being able to get ready for school without the incessant gagging that has been going on.

Have you started to show?  Not really.

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off?  I haven't started swelling yet so thankfully I can still wear them.  I am hoping I will be able to wear them for quite a while longer.

Happy or moody most of the time? I am really happy about this baby and can't wait until he/she gets here.  However, I am pretty moody when I don't feel well, which is usually in the morning or in the evening.  I am thankful I feel pretty good at school most of the time.

What are you looking forward to?  I am looking forward to getting to go the Rhea Lana consignment
sale this weekend and getting thinks for the baby!

On a side note, I really think that Sadie senses that something is going on with me.  I have woken up a couple nights this weeks to her laying on my stomach kneading it with her paws.  I don't know if it's love or jealousy, but I think she knows things are about to change.


Mike was able to snap this picture of our little kitty.


  1. Oh my goodness!! How very exciting! I have been meaning to swing by here, and I'm so sorry that I hadn't done so sooner!! Congratulations! And you look really great! :)

    1. bahaha...the "word" for verification for me was "ovatalk" made me giggle. (I'm twelve.)

  2. Thinking of you...hope you are well!