Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break Getaway

Most of you know that this summer we are going on the Great American Road Trip, as I like to call it.  To save money and energy we decided to keep Spring Break a little low key.  We went to Mount Nebo State Park for a few days and really enjoyed it.  We had a cute and cozy cabin.  We spent our time hiking (more like walking), eating, reading, and watching movies.  I have several picture to show of the park and the signs that spring is here!  All of these pictures are from before the torrential rains set in.  All of the pictures of us are still on hubby's camera so I'll have to post a couple of those later.  Enjoy a peek into our mini vacation!

Our home away from home.

The view from our cabin.

The view from Sunrise Point.

Some deer friends we saw eating in the woods.  The blend into their surroundings very well!

The view from Sunset Point.

We went on two hikes.  One was about 3 miles and the other was about 4 miles.  Here are some of the sites we saw along the way.

This is the view from our cabin as the rain started moving in.  We were above the clouds.  Eventually, we were in the clouds.  That was a neat, but eery feeling.

I love the state parks for a quirky, easy, and relatively inexpensive getaway.  What a relaxing Spring Break!

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