Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Highlight of the Week

I'm sure you all know how much I love the Arkansas Razorbacks.  I really love all the teams, but especially the football team.  One of the advantages of living in NWA is the easy access to all the athletic events.  We are football season ticket holders, but we also have been to basketball, volleyball, baseball, and gymnastics.  Another highlight of living in this area is when the athletes visit our school.

Last year this group of football players came to visit.

football players

Of course I had to get my picture made with them.  I know how big of a thrill it is for me to get to see them, but the look on the kids' faces is priceless.

Last Friday it happened again.  We had special visitors.  Former Razorback and current Green Bay Packer D.J. Williams came to school!  He brought another Razorback, Zhamal Thomas, with him.  One of our university interns is friends with them and invited them to come.  The best part is they came during recess, which the kids loved.  They guys ran and played with the kids, gave them autographs, and took endless pictures.  What an awesome thing for them to take take out of their busy lives to play with these kids, a lot of whom didn't know who these big guys were.  (I put stickers over the kids' faces to protect their identity, but still wanted to share so you could get an idea of how awesome these guys were.)

edit 3

The kids just gathered around and followed them across the playground.  They also chased them and tried to tackle.

edit 2

Edited 1

The pictures were impromptu.  I had recess duty and just happened to have my phone in my pocket.  The kids were so enthralled. I have to admit I was too.  Watching these big football players interact with these kids was really special.


Trying to sign autographs on a windy day was a little challenging.  He was using the kid's back as a table, not writing on his shirt.

I had to get in the action, too.

DJ Williams

I know it was a great day for me and I'm sure it was for the kids', too.

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  1. Love it! It's always nice when an athlete who has "made it" remembers where they came from.