Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back

Sitting here tonight reflecting on 2011 I am content.  I haven't been able to use that word a lot, but lately I have really been making the effort to be content in the moment.  We are not out living it up tonight, instead are spending a quiet evening at home together.  I could give a lot of excuses for why we aren't out ringing in the new year, but the true reason is that it just isn't our style.

I'm excited about 2012!  It has taken us a lot to get to this point, but we are finally almost at the place we have been trying to be: settled.  Just one more semester and then hubby will graduate with his master's and his teaching license!  Hopefully, just one more semester and we will be living and working in the same area again!  There is light at the end of this tunnel of hard work and sacrifice.

While I am excited about 2012, 2011 wasn't all that shabby.  We got to do a lot of traveling and spending time together as a family.  We have been to Dallas, Chicago, Savannah/Tybee Island, and just got home today from a week at Disney World.  We have been to lots of Razorback sporting events and other sights around Arkansas.  We really have experienced a lot over this past year in spite of work and school commitments.

I have truly been more blessed than I have any right to be so I am enjoying the calm pace of this New Year's Eve and am enjoying reflecting on this past and am looking forward with anticipation with what 2012 holds for our family!

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