Monday, October 24, 2011

Race For the Cure in Pictures

This past weekend I participated in the Arkansas Race For the Cure for the third time.  This is something that I always enjoy doing.  I also really believe in the cause.  Breast cancer strikes so many, but seeing all the hope and perseverance is really inspiring.   For the second year in a row mom and I walked together.

It was a beautiful fall day and we were ready to go!

Start of the race

We were there with about 47,000 other people who came out to support the cause.

The crowd

There were lots of interesting sight along the route, including this pink firetruck,

Pink fire truck

These cyclists,


And these dancers.

Belly Dancers

There were local TV and radio personalities cheering everyone on.


Dogs even got into the spirit, too.


Local firemen provided entertainment to get us through to the end.


This pink taxi was quite interesting,

Pink taxi

But not as interesting as this guy!

Pink guy

After more than three miles and countless interesting sights and sounds, we made it to the finish line!

Finish line

We made it

Can't wait until next year!

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  1. Don't forget to mention that those 47k are all women as the race is only women, but normally it is a walk. And being there with that many women is a truly amazing thing.