Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Death of the Chi

Yesterday was one of the worst days I have ever experienced.  It is definitely in the top ten of my worst days ever.  We have been struggling with a student for some time now. His behavior is out of control at times.  We had another incident yesterday where the police had to become involved.  I won't get into more detail in order to protect the privacy of the guilty!  The point is I should have just stayed home.  I should have known it was going to be a bad day when I tried to fix my hair and my Chi hair straightener wouldn't come on.  I don't think many people understand the relationship my Chi and I had.  It was like my security blanket.  It was always there for me, supported me, and met the needs I had for my hair.  We had a long-standing relationship.  The Chi and I were together longer than my hubby and I have been.  For the past two days, I had to go to work feeling incomplete.  Now, however, the bad times are over.  Hubby and I made a stop at Target after school.  I now have a new friend!
And now peace and balance have been returned to my life thanks to my new Chi Turbo!


  1. My flat iron turns 4 this year! ha! I'm afraid it's going to die soon. Just in case, I have a really cheap one under the counter that still works - although not nearly as good as this one!

  2. You NEVER want to come between a girl and her Chi! Seriously...I think you were on the verge of having to break out the iron and straighten your hair the old fashion way.

    Welcome home new Chi of yours!