Saturday, December 12, 2009

O Christmas Tree and Other Stuff

*I have finally finished my first semester of school!  Yippee!  I didn't know if it was going to happen with all of us being alive, but I can say no one was injured in the making of my finals :).  The ten page paper turned into an 11 1/2 page paper, but hopefully it was good enough for the "A".  Not that anyone else in the world cares what grade I make, but for some reason, I would just freak out if I didn't get an "A".  Then, I got the best present a girl can ask for during finals, a take home final.  It wasn't due until Tuesday, but I have already e-mailed it back to my professor and now can enjoy a month break from classes!

*This week I realized how dependent on TV and internet we are.  Mike and I went to work Wednesday morning after watching the news like we always do.  When we got home, our TV and internet were out.  Mike called AT&T and all the tech person on the phone could tell us to do is reset everything.  After we did that like a hundred times, he said that someone would have to come out and check it out.  I'm starting to become hysterical at that point.  It was finals week.  My final was on my e-mail.  I can't access my e-mail.  I think you can get the picture of my thought process.  Then, the guy was telling us he had a morning appointment.  Well, I guess people aren't supposed to work.  Mike convinced them we needed an appointment as late as possible.  Their solution:  someone will be there between 4-9.   We waited and waited, and finally he showed up at 8:30.  Thirty minutes later.....I can't fix it, the fiber optic guy will have to come out tomorrow and look at it.  Thank heavens I have internet at school I could use to complete said final.  We came home friday and the darn stuff still wasn't completely fixed! :(  After Mike had another 40 minute phone call with AT&T, we have TV and internet.  And guess what?  We don't need it now.  I needed internet to finish my school work and I needed the TV to entertain Mike while I finished my school work.  I guess that is just how life goes.

*Last story about how our week went and this one is about our Christmas Tree in Greenbrier.  We put our tree together down here a couple weeks ago and said we would decorate it later.  Turns out we had one row of branches with all the lights out.  Mike worked on the row for about two hours this morning.  He pulled out and tested ever bulb and then tested all the wires for electricity.  I don't really know what all this entails, but he was really working on it for a long time.  Bless his heart!!  After all of that nothing.  So, he unstrung our pre-lit Christmas Tree lights and now we have lights after two trips to town to get enough lights to work!  I am thankful I have such a patient husband because if it was up to me, we probably wouldn't have a tree.  God knew exactly what I needed when he gave me Mike!

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  1. Congrats on finishing your first semester!