Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

I always feel a little bittersweet this time of year.  Christmas is almost here, which means that it is almost over.  The Christmas cheer is almost gone.  But, this year I am really happy.  I have had a great past couple of days.
*School is out for the year!  I love my new job and new school, but there is always something refreshing about Christmas break.
*  Mom spent Saturday and Sunday with us in Fayetteville!  We saw a few flakes of snow and some of the most beautiful Christmas lights I have ever seen.  We even went to Pea Ridge Military Park on Saturday afternoon and basically had the park to ourselves.  It was so peaceful and we saw so many deer out enjoy their lunch on a cold day.
*  On Monday, Mike and I finished up our business in Fayetteville and headed to Greenbrier feeling like we go a lot accomplished.  I returned my textbook from last semester and bought my books for the Spring. I also signed up for my personal trainer, which I will begin when I get back in January.
*  On each of the past three evenings, I have had little Christmas parties with friends I haven't had the opportunity to see since the summer.  I love how connected we see to stay.
*  Yesterday, Mom, Mike, and I saw the World of Pharohs exhibit in Little Rock.  It was amazing.
I am so blessed to live surrounded by so many dear people that love and care for me.  I am truly feeling the warmth of the season that was made possible by a little baby born so long ago!  I hope all of you are having a Christmas full of blessings like I am!!

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