Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Am I Scrooge?

We have about 5 weeks until Christmas and I'm not getting even a little excited.  That is totally unusual for because I am always so anxious to decorate and get our trees up.  This year I'm just not feeling it.  Maybe it's because Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year.  I couldn't believe it when I started seeing Christmas lights up and turned on the first week in November.  An apartment complex down the street was already all lit up, as well as several sorority houses on campus that I have to go by to get to class.  I am even getting annoyed when people write on Facebook about having their decorations and trees up.  For crying out loud, it's not even Thanksgiving!!!!  What happened to being Thankful?  Is everything so commercialized, that we have to skip over this holiday that is about being with family and counting your blessings?

I've decided to not even think about Christmas until after next Thursday.  I want to enjoy my holiday.  We will be traveling to Chicago with Mike and my mom.  Since my Granddad passed away in 2004, Mom and I have been going to spend the holiday with our extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, etc in the Chicago area.  Mike's brother, Matt, also lives in Chicago so hopefully we can spend time with him, too.  Maybe after being able to enjoy family, I will get in the Christmas spirit.  I'm really hoping I will find a cure to my "Scrooge"ness next Friday.  We are going to the Museum of Science and Industry.  They have annual Christmas Around the World festival, where trees are decorated by various ethnic communities.  I'm hoping to return home refreshed and in the holiday spirit.  There is always hope, right?    I welcome any other suggestion on how to return to my normal Christmas-loving self!!!


  1. Just because you want to enjoy Thanksgiving before Christmas doesn't make you a Scrooge. I'm very upset that there is a radio station playing only Christmas music now. I love Christmas music.

  2. It always takes me a while to get in the spirit and it usually happens well after Thanksgiving! Don't stress - Scrooge will disappear! :)

  3. I'm with ya... enjoy Thanksgiving first;0) however, little Parker is begging to put up the Christmas tree and since he just got out of the hospital, he may win this one;)