Monday, June 28, 2010

I"m Back!

I know it has been forever since I have done a post, but I went through a period where I just didn't know what to write about or even what was going on in our life.  By the time we had some things figured out, I got very busy with the normal end of school things.  When Mike got home from OCS, he didn't exactly know where to go from there.  He could train and return to OCS this summer, but wasn't exactly sure if that was the right thing for him or our family.  After much soul-searching, prayer, and conversation, the decision was made not to return to the Accelerated OCS program.  Mike spent a lot of time researching his options and talking to family, our pastor, and his superiors in the Army.  He really does want to become an officer, but also wants us to be able to settle down and start our family.  The ultimate decision was for Mike attend UCA in Conway and get his Masters of Arts in Teaching.  When he was home this year, he spent a lot of time being a substitute teacher and loved being around the kids.  He did teach math in Pine Bluff for a year and enjoyed it, but realized he enjoys younger kids more.  He will be certified to teach 4th-8th grade and math through 12th grade.  He hasn't given up the military either.  He will be in ROTC at UCA and when he graduates in two years, will be able to accept a commission.  So, I am still an Army Wife, just in a different form for now.  The other good news is that Mike can't be deployed while in school!  The bad news is that we will be living apart during the week.  I will stay in Northwest Arkansas, while Mike is in Central Arkansas.  However, I know we can make it work like we have made these past three years work. Thanks for all the prayers that have been sent our way!!

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  1. I was going to ask you about him when I saw you! I'm glad ya'll were able to make the best decision for ya'll! I know it will be tough, but I know you'll both make it through it!